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Optimizing The Performance Of Your Website

Contributor: Sahil Garg

Performance of a website depends on how fast it loads on a user’s browser along with all the necessary assets. User must be able to see all the first fold styling and images as early as possible and should be able to interact with various options like menu items, search box etc in a very smooth manner. In order to achieve this, we must prioritise first fold static assets including html, CSS, JS, images, fonts over other assets.

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Reloading Your Node Modules On Change

Contributor: Aziz Khambati

Introducing warm-require for hot reloading during development.


You may want to know the following:

  • warm-require helps in deleting the require cache of modified node modules.
  • It uses chokidar to watch for file changes but it also exposes a burst function if you want burst them programmatically on your own.
  • It replaces the internal require function (only on those modules which you specify) such that it can build a dependency tree to help in a recursively bursting cache.
  • If you think there is already a package that does this or similar, do let me know.
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