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The Making Of RealtyVision 2.0: VR Product For Real Estate Projects

Contributor:  Ankit  Thapliyal

What is now proved was once only imagined.

RealtyVision 2.0, a recently launched Virtual reality (VR) product, is a perfect example of one of such imaginations. A fully immersive experience center for real estate projects in virtual reality, capable of live streaming the VR headset view to any laptop or screen, supporting multiple platforms (Windows/ MacOS/ Android)  are some of its prominent and amazing features. Being the first to implement such product in real estate industry in India is just the icing on the cake.

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React Native And Real Estate: Capturing The Technical Journey

Contributor: Sunil Kumar Kushwaha

Facebook, Uber, Bloomberg, AirBnB or Housing, React Native (RN) is becoming increasingly popular among the corporate giants as well as for startups who wish to scale and smoothen their businesses. RN started off at Facebook’s internal hackathon in 2013 and since then, there has been no looking back. At Housing, we also capitalized on the fast emerging mobile market.

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