Our Content Is Truly The King And Now On Alexa!

“Alexa, what’s in real estate news?”

Yes! You got it right! Going forward, to listen to daily updates, you will need to just add Housing News, MakaanIQ or PropGuide to the Alexa skill set, and it will read out the latest news in real estate along with other news from sources that you may have added!

Isn’t it quite cool? A major breakthrough in the real estate sector, as India’s leading real estate portals, Housing.com, Makaan.com and PropTiger.com – owned by Singapore-based Elara Technologies has pioneered as voice-powered property portals in India and we can’t stay calm!

With this development, content appearing on our respective news sections, that is Housing News, MakaanIQ and PropGuide is now ready for consumption on Alexa-compatible smart home devices.

What makes for great content?

Given that real estate is the most preferred asset class of Indians, this move was a necessity just as the last decade has seen a move from the print medium to the digital; content having to re-invent into video-formats, and desktops losing out to mobile phones – a generational change so to say. Now, with voice conversations and artificial intelligence all set to take the centerstage, Housing News, MakaanIQ and PropGuide have already taken the plunge. News consumers want every aspect to be bundled and rolled out to them in a fun, informative and hassle-free way and before they even realised that they needed it, it has already been served.

We were born out of the need to simplify the home search process and fill in the gaps that others in the market had created. Now, we are poised to become the most-trusted space to understand and transact in the property market.

Did you know that with a traction of over one million page visits in a single month, our exclusive news sections have successfully brought in many home-seekers, sellers, agents and enthusiasts within its fold and with the latest development, cloud-based voice service from Amazon, Alexa will help this news to be briefed and consumed efficiently! Cheers to our futuristic content!