• The Game of Hacks

    HACKATHON 2016

    PropTiger.com organised a 24-hour hackathon to foster innovative technology solutions to explore limitless possibilities in the online real estate space.

  • The Game of Hacks

    24 hours

    24 hours of continuous ideation, conceptualization and action!

  • The Game of Hacks

    90 minds

    90 technology enthusiasts - all set to hack digital real estate!

  • The Game of Hacks

    18 hacks

    18 ground-breaking ideas brought to life!

What we accomplished

Why did we do it?

PropTiger.com organized it’s first-ever hackathon at its Gurgaon and Bangalore offices. We decided to think beyond every day tasks and step up the routine. We formed new teams and had people thinking outside the box. We’re so glad we did it.

The event stirred a sense of ownership amongst the participants as they began to feel passionate about the concepts they were working on. The floor was bubbling with energy as they played with technology, experimenting leaps and bounds.

Showcasing the ideas

meet our teams


 The Usual Suspects

AudioSense (aka The Usual Suspects) developed an AI based system to automatically understand context from recorded audio conversations between buyers and sellers. One Solution, Enormous applications!

 What’s in a name

We conceptualized Makaan Mate – a platform for users to rent homes on a shared basis that can be integrated on makaan.com. We also enabled private chat and social sharing with other interested individuals.


Worked on an idea which enables a user to upload a listing he has uploaded on another platform onto our platform. Also, leverages data from other apps to show a ghost of the same listing in our own app.

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#proptigerhackday was awesome!

how was your experience?

#proptigerhackday in 2 words

what comes to your mind?


We decided to ask a few participants to say the first 2 words that come to their mind when they think of the Game of Hacks Hackathon.

We couldn’t go very far, watch the video and find out why that happened.

However, some other things that come to our mind are

– brain-freezing
– pressure cooker
– bug free
– smarts overload

From the panel of judges

what do you think of our hackers?


From the Chief Technology Officer

which was your most favorite idea?


Let’s hear it from the captain of the ship.

Ravi was instrumental in making the PropTiger Hackathon 2016 possible. He was extremely passionate right from the start and was by his team’s side all through the 24 hours. He danced, he sang with them and enjoyed each moment thoroughly.

He was himself, the winner at a Yahoo! hackathon held in Bangalore years ago and had a lot of things to share with the team.

He says he hopes to make every day as exciting as the #proptigerhackday to make sure we can achieve outcomes as ground-breaking as we have achieved in these 24 hours of continuous hacking!




Sangeet Aggarwal

Sangeet Aggarwal

Product Manager

Kudos to the organizing team for such a wonderful experience. Hoping for more!

Saif Ahmad

Saif Ahmad

Engineering Lead

Got to know our team members more closely. Essential to have such events regularly!

Ashish Yadav

Ashish Yadav

Member of Technology Staff

It was a brilliant event. We were able to build unbelievable prototypes in 24 hours.