Hackathon Ideas

Introducing our hacks!

 What’s in a name

Developed ‘mLive’, to enable sellers to broadcast site visits live to multiple buyers through a video interface. Also provided a group chat feature which let home seekers ask queries in real time.


Created Co-VR, a multi-player cross-platform product that creates a virtual 3D space for multiple participants to collaborate inside a virtual home, changing wall colors and swapping furniture!

 Joint Family

Solved the micro-investing and liquidation problem in real estate. Built a stock exchange using Fractional ownership where a project can be listed and is allowed to make an IPO and users can then buy and sell stocks.

 High On Code

Worked on categorizing users based on their current buying journey and personalizing the experience on the site with respect to stage at which they are. Helps in converting users more effectively.

Access Denied

Developed “Propbot”, an automation tool that uses AWS lex chat as a communication channel and processes requests based on functions written in backend. It can execute deployments, generate reports, index listings, etc.


Worked on redefining rentals in India


Created “Prop Consultant – an algorithm based on historic data and trends to show what will be beneficial for the home buyer in the long run by helping him decide whether to rent or buy a property.

Bit Campers

Worked on Sentiment Analysis of comments posted on IREF about properties. We used phrase based sentiment analysis to get accurate results and showed the sentiment score on a scale of 1-10.


Developed Easily-tics, a pro-active tool which gives everyone from the design team to the CEO, from a sales rep to a marketing manager an insight into what the users do on the platform.

Booyah Reignited

Created “Zeta”, a talking tool to answer critical questions that business analysts often have. The tool was powered by knowledge graphs where search queries can be in natural language semantics.


Built a tool to reduce infra cost and achieve zero downtime by monitoring the price for on-demand and spot. When spot price bid is >90% of the on-demand, it switches to the on-demand instance and vice versa.

Hackstreet Boys

Developed “Connectify” to enhance buying experience by connecting buyers to other people who have purchased property in the same locality or project. Used certified buyers reviews and ratings to compute project NPS.

How I Met Your Broker

Built a Web-Crawler to crawl competitor websites and identify premium brokers with paid packages. The objective was to push this data to the sales team for more targeted broker acquisition.

Mumbai Magic

Developed an application for real-time neighbourhood view. You can plug in coordinates for any area and generate the surroundings for that area with annotations about amenities and other information.

Night Watchers

Addressed a key problem in rental property search, identifying the right property agent. Did away with the listings and provided direct connect with a promise of delivering the home in 5 working days.

Note Bandi

We worked on an idea called “makaan360” which shows the exterior view of the property along with the interiors. This can save a home seeker’s critical time by helping him select the right properties to visit.

Nougat 2.0

Created “Instabroker”, an Android Mobile app for the customer to lookout for real time brokers available in the vicinity and connect with them instantly. This reduces the overall turn-around-time for lead conversion.


We worked on the search page algo for makaan.com by personalizing results basis specifics shared by a user – office location, marital status, etc. We were not able to demo our product due to unforeseen circumstances and hope to participate in the next hackathon.


Created a new business solution to solve for fake listings and non-serious leads by setting up a property bidding mechanism and selecting only top 3 bidders for site visit with the help of an assigned property manager.


Built a solution to identify hot leads that are at risk of being lost to competition. The prediction is done using 20+ categorical variables and can help the organization save crores of potential loss of revenue.

Switch Case

Built a framework to support multiuser RoomScale VR environment using low cost devices.

The Guardians of Elara

Personalized experience for users who have visited one of our 3 platforms before. With the tool, one can personalize the experience for a user on one platform based on his actions on another.

Thunder Down Under

Created a platform where Brokers can bid for incoming leads by specifying the properties that they are representing. When a user comes in with matching requirements, the relevant brokers are notified.


Created a real-time, collaborative rental experience between owner and tenant. A “Like, Share, Connect, and Book” flow where multiple parties come live and the tenant books the home by depositing a token online.