How We Served Brotli Compressed Files Through Amazon Cloudfront

Contributor: Ramakrishna

What is brotli?

Brotli is an open-source, lossless compression algorithm that compresses content with higher density than gzip. According to the compression benchmarks, brotli provides better compression (around 15% improvement over gzip).

This means that all the static assets sizes would be reduced by 15% if we serve brotli compressed files to our users. ( )

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How We Built Our React Native App

Contributor: Sid Jain

Last year we launched our PWA with an aim to improve the experience of our users on slow and inconsistent network connections. It was the first step towards the quality of the products we strive for. We received a very positive response from the community as well as our customers and wanted to replicate the same success for our mobile application too.

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NaN is not equal to NaN!

Contributor: Dron Rathore

Yeah, a Not-A-Number is Not equal to itself. But unlike the case with undefined and null where comparing an undefined value to null is true but a hard check(===) of the same will give you a false value, NaN’s behavior is because of IEEE spec that all systems need to adhere to. In this blog, I will throw some light on NaNs and how they are implemented in the v8 engine.

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Optimizing The Performance Of Your Website

Contributor: Sahil Garg

Performance of a website depends on how fast it loads on a user’s browser along with all the necessary assets. User must be able to see all the first fold styling and images as early as possible and should be able to interact with various options like menu items, search box etc in a very smooth manner. In order to achieve this, we must prioritise first fold static assets including html, CSS, JS, images, fonts over other assets.

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