The Making Of Makaan Android Instant App

In general, the native app offers a better user experience than web and we wanted to provide the best experience to our consumers. Our data show that native mobile apps give a lot better conversion rate than mobile web, so instant app became a natural choice for us and we were extremely excited when Google announced the Software Development Kit (SDK) in 2017 I/O.

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The Making Of RealtyVision 2.0: VR Product For Real Estate Projects

Contributor:  Ankit  Thapliyal

What is now proved was once only imagined.

RealtyVision 2.0, a recently launched Virtual reality (VR) product, is a perfect example of one of such imaginations. A fully immersive experience center for real estate projects in virtual reality, capable of live streaming the VR headset view to any laptop or screen, supporting multiple platforms (Windows/ MacOS/ Android)  are some of its prominent and amazing features. Being the first to implement such product in real estate industry in India is just the icing on the cake.

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