technology in real estate

Tech-Explosion In Indian Real Estate

Contributor: Ravi Bhushan Kumar

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology for everyday life. What was once science fiction is now turning to reality in increments – sometimes through small but vital innovations and at other times through large pivotal discoveries and developments in technology. The real estate industry is no different. The last few years has seen IoT pervade the industry allowing the now global population to view, buy, sell, maintain or invest in real-estate internationally.

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NLP Takes A Leap With Natural Language Processing-Based Search For Users

Leading real estate portal, has used analytics to heighten the level of quality it rolls out to its users. The portal has delved deeper into Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ascertain what prospective homebuyers and tenants are looking for and to deliver the best search experience. In a short span of time, 70% of users have been using NLP and it has been an instant hit.

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The Making Of Housing Go

Contributor: Ritesh Kumar

Migrating to Progressive Web Application

Redesign of our mobile website provided us with the opportunity to revamp the code base to push performance to the max. With the technological advancement and improved capabilities of modern browsers like Service Workers, IndexedDB, Add to Home Screen, Push Notifications, our aim was to make an app that is fast, performant and reliable. Here’s how we mastered front-end performance for our progressive web app Housing Go.

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Enriching End-User Experience With Verified Listings

Contributor: Yasir Shamsi has come far in showcasing properties to its end user in the most desired way. The focus has always remained on sharing details that matter most while making a decision on either buying or renting a property.

Technology has played a very strong role in shaping up, every property is collected using an in-house Android app which records every single detail.

Listing Collection App – The process

Recording Location

A precise location is recorded on the basis of latitude-longitude to get the whereabouts of the property.


Keeping in mind the importance of the address which is an identity of every property, the App has a provision to record postal address with an option to whether show it on the website or not. This step is only taken to protect the interest of our valuable clients.


Whether the property has maintenance charges, the brokerage amount, and if it is negotiable or not, we make sure that the message is clear, so that the users go exactly as per their pocket.

Configuration and Area

How much is the space? The question which is answered in terms of numbers, built up area is mentioned with every property which is directly related to the configuration so that a layout can be visualized and the space availability in the property can be understood. Every property collected showcases the number of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balcony and all other entities.


It is very important to know what facilities are available in the property you are considering to buy or rent. To make this transparent, details related to many aspects is collected from the property itself, for example, piped cooking gas, parking, garden area, gymnasium and many more, all such details are available on the website in order to help the buyer make a decision.


The most important and actual treat to the eyes, the photos of the properties are taken by well-trained data collectors, on the basis of science. The rules of photography differ from size to shape of every room of the property. The in-house app helps to keep the exposure and tilt under control so that the quality of the photo is not compromised. All the photos taken are aligned to create a storyline for the viewers.

Once the property is live and available for viewing the broker attached can be contacted for further information.

The Secret Formula: Lesser-known Tips For Improved Web Performance

Contributor: Bhavya Saggi

There are plenty of articles around on how to set up a robust infrastructure, and even more articles on how to make it resilient and faster. But other than optimising the infrastructure and web-services,  individual web pages that are served to users must also be optimised to gain the attention of your consumers. This calls for the need for smooth content delivery and an efficient On-Page SEO. 

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