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We’re Saving Time For Home Seekers- Here’s How!

Contributor: Abhilash John Philip

Imagine that you are moving to a new city and looking for a place for rent. What will you do? You will ideally ask for recommendations from someone you know. Maybe you will look online for those localities that are close to your office. You will probably search properties on a real estate portal and get in touch with the owner of a property you liked. Just because you liked a property doesn’t guarantee that you will get the property. You will need to convince the homeowner why you will be a better tenant. If it doesn’t work out the process restarts.

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Digilite: Towards An Enriching Image-Viewing Experience

Contributor:  Saksham Singh 

The Need

Till now, the user on online platforms has had to view cropped images that the seller uploads which might not give sufficient information about the room.  These photos often cover minimal areas of the room and thus do not give an accurate description of what the apartment looks like. On the other hand, it is not feasible for every seller/broker to do a 3D photo shoot of the room as that is a costly and time-consuming affair.  Also, for apartments that are not yet fully built, sellers might want to hide some details which might not be possible in a 3D shoot.

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Here’s How Makaan Gained Ground With 3D

Makaan offered the 3D Virtual Realty Tour years back with a view to offer freedom to homeseekers hunting for the right home. It helps you understand the space-usuage in your would-be property as also visualise much before you buy under-construction homes. The attempt was also to oust the archaic 2D floor plan that’s been used for decades. Yes, you can put on an Oculus Rift and tour your next home!

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technology in real estate

Tech-Explosion In Indian Real Estate

Contributor: Ravi Bhushan Kumar

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology for everyday life. What was once science fiction is now turning to reality in increments – sometimes through small but vital innovations and at other times through large pivotal discoveries and developments in technology. The real estate industry is no different. The last few years has seen IoT pervade the industry allowing the now global population to view, buy, sell, maintain or invest in real-estate internationally.

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